Grettings from Storme

Hey there, my name is Storme and I’m new to really learning privacy. I want to be as private as possible WITHOUT sacrificing my ability to play games on Steam, Epic, and Ubisoft. That typically means that I’ll be sticking with Windows.

I hate Windows, but being able to game is super important to me as it’s where I have most of my fun and most of my friends.


Welcome to the community! Nice job identifying your goals and the areas you’re not willing to give up. Feel free to ask for advice or contribute to conversations!


Hey Storme, welcome to the team!

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Welcome !
Just for you to know that you can game on Linux !
I personnaly run Pop_OS! for most of my games and general use but had to dual boot windows for some online games and VR (I don’t have the money for Valve Index).

For steam compatibility check ProtonDB
For Epic Games Store check Heroic Games Launcher
And of course there is Lutris

For the Windows drive/partition you can debloat it to a certain extend or gowing with a custom made ultra-lightweight ISO (Chris Titus Tech have awesome ressources for that)
Also I discovered AtlasOS but I don’t know how private you will be as I never dig into that project so DYOR

Just curious W10 or W11 ? The debloating is not exactcly the same

Seconding this.
Only botching on live services or anti cheat, since I play single player most of the time, I dont really care.
Sony and Microsoft works aswell, but check protondb.
Some games will work regardless due to be low reviews on the site, so give it a go :grinning::ok_hand:
Epic Games via the Heroic launcher was a little tricky, but will work unless you play Fortnite, epic refuses to help the community on that front.

However, if DRM is troubling, GOG via Heroic launcher works aswell.

Emulation is also possible and encouraged on Linux aswell. I have a guide here.

Top Emulators for Linux

Hoping the best for your journey.

Should you have the money, consider getting a Linux based Steam Deck. Slowly but surely they are becoming popular. A lot of people are replacing their desktop with this portable gaming device. For some people it’s not ideal but in the least Windows won’t be an issue. Otherwise follow the really good solutions provided by @sonalder and @privacy_parrot.