GrapheneOS vs CalyxOS for me

I know this have been asked before but not for my specific use case

I have facebook messenger, snapchat and a government app for online verification

  1. Who’d it help my privacy to move the government app to a different profile (The government app isn’t a big concern, the reason I am think of putting it in a different profile is just for peace of mind)

  2. I need facebook messenger and snapchat install on my main profile, what option would be the best GrapheneOS or CalyxOS

(I know some of you don’t trust GrapheneOS but I do so recommend me like both a trusted)

If you can use GrapheneOS there is no reason to use CalyxOS.


GrapheneOS’ sandboxed Google Play Services will provide at least as much app compatibility as MicroG on CalyxOS. I’m fairly certain both OSes offer user profiles as this is an AOSP feature. So I can’t see a good reason to use Calyx over Graphene based on the info you provided.

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MicroG but isn’t more private than Google Play Services.

Your Government ID apps is a concern to me simply because I have no experience with such an app. Your frequency of use device requirements and permissions in general are unknown.
Just living in a country which requires me to use a Government ID app. I would use the most secure OS on a separate device than my every day android device.

I don’t think the government ID app spying on people. The reason i who’d have it in a differ profile is just for peace of mind

If the government ID app isn’t a concern, what who’d you recommend i use


Like @OrwellianDenigrate said, if you find GOS usable, then by all means go with it as it is the better option. MicroG really isn’t much more private than GOS’s sandboxed google play services, some argue it’s less private, and it’s certainly less secure. Also, with GOS you can receive notifications that are in a profile even if you’re in a completely separate profile so if you plan on using profiles that would be the smoothest experience.

Wow, that’s actually a really nice feature.

Its cool you can receive notification a cross profiles

What’s the point of MicroG if it is not more private

There are some difference between GrapheneOS and CalyxOS.
I am running CalyxOS on my main phone, obviously I consider which apps I install on all my phones. I use GrapheneOS on an older Pixel, which I basically can only charge wirelessly. My point is you can always try out each one of them and check them out.

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