GrapheneOS Pixel Tablet support launched

“Initial GrapheneOS support for the Pixel Tablet is now available. It can be installed via our web installer (Web installer | Install | GrapheneOS) or the official CLI install procedure. The basics are confirmed to work properly already and we’re currently working on our first update for it.”

First open-source private and secure tablet!


Would be cool to see systems implementing Home Assistant to show that you have a private smart hub with more privacy respecting IoT.

I mean, GrapheneOS already has sandboxed Google Play Services, so I think it would be possible to implement this in a secure and private manner.

I would suggest opening an issue on GitHub with a feature request if you’re interested.

One thing is that things such as Android Auto, Google Assistant and some other things don’t work on GrapheneOS because they require privileged access to the OS and the project is highly against that.


I know I am odd, but I would like Desktop mode with pixel phones. I bet you can not get display in or out with the tablet over a USB C cable.

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Here are some people who consider using the Pixel Tablet as a PC, if that helps:

A tablet to me could be a great modular device in my work flow. I keep fighting not just getting a laptop.

DisplayLink (HDMI on TV) and Scrcpy portable (PC) have been my work around to date.