GrapheneOS Issues

So I have been using GrapheneOS for about a week now and I have been having these issues:

  1. When I set a custom wallpaper, the wallpaper always stretches, resulting in an unsightly result. I currently use the stock all-black wallpaper. Is this a problem with my Pixel 7, GrapheneOS, or something else?

  2. I use the Aurora Store only on a profile and tried to update Google Play services this morning. I got this message:

"Installer failed

INSTALL_FAILED_SESSION_INVALID: Installation of is disallowed to prevent breaking gmscompat"

I am deeply worried about this, as I already tried to uninstall and reinstall Play services only to get this message over and over again. The update is from 23.04.13 to 23.05.14. It came on the Aurora Store. I have two other profiles that do not used Aurora and Google Play instead and neither updated to 23.04.14. All three profiles are on Google Play Services 23.04.13. Is this some “too early” update that I should hold off on until GmsCompatConfig 34 is available?

  1. Worried, I tried uninstalling updates for GmsCompatConfig, only to get this:

“Uninstall failed. Unable to uninstall GmsCompatConfig: not allowed to uninstall this package”.

I use Signal, WhatsApp, and other services that require GSF. I also found out GmsCompatConfig was updated to Version 34 (currently on 33), but I have been unable to install this update. When I tap “Check for Updates” on my main profile, it checks, but then reports that everything is up to date. I am on the Stable channel.

I am worried there’s something pretty severe with my Pixel and will have to reset everything. How can I troubleshoot these issues?

Go to the Matrix channel of Graphene to ask for this issues.

You need to uninstall the google service and reinstall it on your owner profile.