GrapheneOS (and CalyxOS?) and eSIMs

I’m not sure how it works for CalyxOS but with GrapheneOS you need to download their sandboxed Google Play to add an eSIM, does anyone know the privacy considerations of doing this/what Google actually learns etc?

Considering it seems much harder to buy an anonymous physical SIM and the new iPhone doesn’t even have a SIM tray in the US… seems like an issue worth discussing

This is an issue on all Android ROMs because eSIM support on Android is done through a proprietary Google app, it’s not part of the AOSP.

I’m not exactly sure what Google actually collects via this app, but theoretically I’d think they could collect any basic device information that would be accessible to any other app on your device, some network info like your IP address, and any modem/SIM related information like your IMEI, etc.