Google's Manifest V3 - How will it affect us?

I’m suprised there isn’t a thread about Google’s Manifest V3 yet. As far as I know it will significantly impact ad and tracker blocking extensions (e. g. uBlock Origin) on all chromium based browsers, which of course includes Brave (and i’d like to keep using Brave because of it’s fingerprint randomization). What do you guys think about this change? Also maybe that’d be a good topic for a Techlore video!

There is a lot more to this that I’m sure others will expand on, but just wanted to clear the air that Brave has publicly stated they will continue supporting V2 for the foreseeable future

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Yeah I expected Brave to do at least something, so that’s good I guess. Still you’d probably have to resort to installing V2 add ons from other places than the Chrome Web Store

From what I’ve read on Brave’s blog posts, Manifest v3, will have similar limitations to how Safari extensions have on iOS. Some functionality with v3 will exist, but they will be strictly cut down. As an example, Raymond Hill’s uBlock Origin will be releasing a newer uBlock Origin Minus, just to keep the two projects separate. For example, UBOminus won’t be able to do cosmetic filtering, scriptlet injecting, CSP, or redirect and remove parameter filters.

Now specifically, for Brave. Brian Clifton (VP of engineering at Brave) claimed that they were working on making their own Manifest v2 web store, here on Github. You can find more discussion on this, here. Now, it should be noted that the enterprise patch, that Brave will be using will be sunset (Google will no longer support it, even on Enterprise Chromium), around June 2023. Whether or not they’ll maintain v2 themselves, or if their extension implementation will be something else entirely. I don’t know how this will effect Brave.
As for Brave’s Shield settings, and thus things like Fingerprinting, Amp, etc. This will all be unaffected. The Brave shield is not using extension functionality. It’s built into the browser itself. Thus it would circumvent any Manifest changes.

Yes I know that the Brave Shield will be unaffected (which is obviously great) but the plans for their own web store sound amazing. Thanks for sharing that!

I’m a bit saddened by the Manifest V3 as I do enjoy using stock Chromium for some of my web stuff, but filtering is too important for me.
Will be interesting to follow the development UBOminus, though it won’t be living up to it’s predecessor. Third-party workarounds will probably be put in if possible (a la ungoogled chromium), but I usually avoid using small projects like that, just makes me a bit nervous.