Google Workspace with Client Side Encryption

Has anyone looked into paying for google workspace with client side encryption. Is this a viable privacy solution ?

I know, its Google Still, however Im having a hard time breaking away from google drive with Sheets and Docs , I have a lot of time invested in various google docs and sheets, and it would be a huge project to convert the Docs and Sheets to non google formats, also I like the ability to be able to search google drive for the contents of my files as bad as that potentially seems.

Well, convenience and capturing your own time, energy and content is of course how they hoover up so much information on everyone. You can keep what you have already done there without using them going forward knowing what you know now, right?

This is a very good point. Go forth with a better method. Thank you for that.

This is an option we’ve explored. Google Workspace already has a different (and slightly better) privacy policy than a standard Google account, which makes sense given it’s a paid service that companies use to store sensitive data.

With CSE you get to effectively hide your files from Google which should resolve a majority of people’s issues with using a Google service from a professional POV. It’s a great middle-ground, but there is a huge cost/maintenance limitation. The enterprise account is expensive, and you have to manage the encryption yourself which is another cost/thing to maintain.

With that said, after years of exploring collaboration workflows, we haven’t actually found a great private alternative to the Google suite that didn’t make us rip our hair out.

In my opinion, GW w/ CSE is a fantastic middle-ground for people who love the Google suite. But it’s realistically just not an option to recommend given the costs & knowledge required to set it up. Even Nextcloud may be an easier thing to set up, though the collaboration is pretty lackluster IMHO

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Thanks Henry,

Wasn’t aware this was a enterprise only option…

Thanks for the reply !

Why do you think that Nextcloud is lackluster for collaboration?