Google Security Settings?

For my google account, I naturally want them to know as little as they can. Of course, they still have a lot, but why not? Is this good enough?

What I have enabled

2-Step Verification
Backup Codes

What I don't have enabled

2-Step Verification Number (IT shows my Google Voice phone number, which might be helpful since I have it set to forward messages to my actual number I don’t think it counts.)
Recovery phone number
Recovery Email

What should I change?

Note: I was thinking to add an alias for the recovery email to send to my Proton address. Some of this doesn’t make sense so tell me if I need to specify.

For security If you need the highest level of security, look into google advance protection program.

If not, enable TOTP and have a strong password.

For privacy, look for ‘privacy checkup’ under google account and disable everything you can.


I don’t need the highest level, I just wanted to see if I should enabled anything disabled. I’ll also check on the privacy settings. Thanks!

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Using at least one recovery alias email outside the googleverse makes sense to me. Currently I have five or so gmail accounts the one with the least amount of use or history has an alias email.
Considered using multiple Google Voice numbers as a recovery phone numbers. If I only had one gmail account I would create another account just for recovery, of course the main goal is to stop using google for anything twice. As in every time I feel I have to use google create a new account.

Yeah, that is what I was thinking as well. For me, I only have a google account for YouTube. I’ll try making another for recovery, and see if it’s good for me. Thanks for your input!

Google recently added passkeys support. It might offer better security than TOTP.


Will definitely try it out. TY!