Google Got More Than $10 Million for Misleading Abortion Ads

Google has directed hundreds of thousands of people searching for information about abortions and pregnancy in the U.S. to the websites of misleading, fake clinics that don’t actually provide abortion or medical services—and made millions of dollars in the process, a new study says.

“This report demonstrates the scale of deceptive advertising by anti-choice groups, fake healthcare clinics and the marketing infrastructure that underpins the spread of their medical misinformation, in a post-Dobbs digital environment,” CCDH’s CEO Imran Ahmed said in the report’s introduction.

Google, which generates around $200 billion from ad sales annually, earned more than $10 million in two years from deceptive ads from fake abortion clinics, the study says. However, CCDH says the study highlights the reach Google is bringing to anti-choice campaigns that are willing to pay.