Google announced KataOS

I’m sure some of you do already know about this, but I think that it may be worth commenting.

Google just announced a whole new OS. A security focused OS. It would be written in Rust (most of it) and it would not be using linux. Rather the sel4 kernel.

Here you can read the whole post:
Google Blog Post

And if you really want to avoid Google, I transcribed it to a pastebin.

I know that the projects it’s still incredibly young. And Google is famous for killing their projecs but what do you think about this?


This sounds nice! Will definitely be a great fit for some threat models

Looks cool. Finally a open-source security focused OS.

One doesn’t simply build a whole OS and partner with ~4 companies only to kill it days later. I think they are serious about this.

I hope so. I mentioned it for the sake of completness.

But yeah, finally a security focused OS built from the ground up. I really want to flash-foward to know more of it.

Also, if I recall correctly it’s going to de dessigned for the RISC-V architecture. (They mentioned porting it to other tho.)

Nice joke Google. Is your KataOS coming out on April 1st?

This looks good! Primarily focused as an OS for IoT devices, but those are in desperate need of security anyway. I’m glad to see they want to open source this as well.

I’ll give an honorable mention to ChromeOS because it also has a great track record for security. Not the best for privacy of course, but it works for high threat models and gives me confidence that Google can figure this thing out as well.

I wonder how Fuschia OS is doing? lol

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I will not sacrifice either security or privacy. Google can figure out how to do both. They just don’t want to. And, that makes me skeptical of everything they do.

Not gonna lie, I am skeptical myself.
But if they manage it more or less like Android, where you have the AOSP and then on top of that they add the crap. It could be nice, at least to use it a base to build a google-free version.

We desperately need a modern security focused OS and this can be a great starting point.

Althought it’s still early to say for sure.

As @wallart1 pointed out, Google is quite the complete oposite to privacy respecting. Everybody knows that.

But they take great care of security. And we really need something built with modern security in mind.

I would love if it was spyware free. I really hope that they don’t screw it. But if they finally end up adding trash I would exchange my soul for a degoogled version. Like GrapheneOS.

Are you saying the CAmkES is a lie?
Sorry, i just had to say it

Is KataOS is based on linux ? I dont think so it will beat QubesOS.

It’s not based on linux, it takes a compleatly different aproach.
I think it’s not even unix-like. I’m not sure.
This is good, linux was never built with modern security in mind.

It does.

Well, at least the kernel. They use sel4 and it is already far more secure than linux… You might want to check how it works, it’s similar to QubesOS.
(Big Qubes fan tho.)