Going Numberless (Phone-Numberless)

Been thinking for a while on a plan to go [phone] numberless: my plan would be to use a data only sim to maintain cell tower access so I could use Signal etc, but no longer be able to call or sms with the same device [w/o using voip or call/text lapps]. Or just leave the sim out of the phone; using the wifi at work and home, installing the sim if I need data between stops.

Why go numberless?
I don’t have google or Facebook, but anyone who has my phone number probably saves it in their phones contacts app… most if not all the people I know use Facebook on their phone. So anyone allowing apps on their phone to access their contacts is sharing my real name and phone number (and maybe real email) with big tech through their device. As well as creating a web of “who knows who” outside of social media.

By going numberless force myself and others who want to message my pocket to do so in a more secure way. However I am also sensitive to Forcing others to communicate with me in a particular way… This alone is the last thing holding me back… As more and more people in my circle switch to signal anyway its only the future people I meet that would face the above issue.

Has anyone here explored, have thoughts or ideas about, or have already gone numberless?

I think the best way is to simply get a VoIP number and use that for Signal. Then you hand out this number to your friends and family and tell them to only contact you on Signal, unless there is an emergency and cannot get a hold of you otherwise.

If you have a problem with people still reaching out via SMS to that number. Do respond to them, but add a delay of a few hours to that. If they start complaining for taking you too long to reply apologize and tell them you don’t check your SMS very often. While reminding them to contact you on Signal if they need an immediate response.

There is no way to avoid your contacts from saving your phone number on their device and then having apps like Facebook on their phone associating it to your real name. At least with a VoIP number that number is not coupled to your SIM card. So, if there is a data breach the damage that can be done is limited. After all, you can’t SIM swap a VoIP number.