Go Incognito Fans - We need your feedback for a V2!


Thanks for the refute bulletbilland and also thanks for reading the whole thing with that being said let me argue my points.


Your response contains a lot of black and white thinking or false dichotomy and has some staw manning sprinkled in. Let me explain; I will number my responses in accordance with the TLDR I set.

#1 prime example of black and white thinking, the playlist could perform spectacularly and have the perfect amount of information in it or, it could perform disastrously and turn the whole viewer base off from this series as a whole. Even within the outcomes I’ve proposed they aren’t coin flips where only two outcomes are possible. Even the best outcome could have some unforeseen downsides. And in the same way splitting my post into chunks makes it more manageable to a reader doing the same to a playlist would make it more manageable for a viewer. The playlist doesn’t need to have 2 videos or 100 videos it could have something in a range of that and the 20 videos I give isn’t a hard rule it can be tweaked, hence the term near.

2# Why…? Why not? Why not have the videos be the same length it’s much easier to see the contrast in video styles in practice but hear me out for a second. Take for example VPNs this topic can be very broad but can be cleverly shortened down. Would you rather (as a privacy conscious person) watch a 1 hour video on VPNs or a 10 minute one. Maybe you chose the 1 hour one here’s why that’s wrong, your interests are clear from the get go (privacy) so why should you be told how VPNs originated, how to self host one, and why corporations extensively use the technology? This is what we call fluff more fluff is less information the viewer actually needs/wants. Then at the end, the 1 hour video talks about private VPNs but only after giving useless information that is of no use to a privacy person. The 10 minute video could be just about private VPNs and how to setup them up for every OS, Mac, Win, Linux. It would describe using them for Netflix, shielding torrent traffic, hiding from an ISP, and using public wifi. All of this would catapult the viewer’s knowledge of the topic and help them hit the ground running. On top of all this some linux would be in the description to help the viewer pick a VPN and learn even more to become intermediate or advanced. You can give an in depth response and keep it short by focusing on only what the target audience needs, in the words of Mutahar “you can have your cake and eat it too”. Yet another example of black and white thinking.

3# So you don’t disagree on basically everything ha! No I’m kidding but anyways, Henry should exclude advanced I’ve been watching youtube videos my whole life and they never give me an in depth satisfying answer it’s almost always here’s an answer that works maybe??? And for me it does or it doesn’t that is how most of youtube is, some of the in depth videos are so dense and long that you can’t retain anything useful. This is not the fault of the creators mind you the platform is inherently flawed long videos get pushed to the sidelines while the short catchy videos are center stage. Advanced people need to be going outside and conversating with experts/professionals, reading books, and studying research papers and documentation; not watching a guy alone in his room explaining beginner level topics (no offense Henry but it’s true lol). The main reason advanced videos aren’t possible is because the “right way” of doing things is always changing a techlore video could be great on Monday then be misleading on Tuesday the internet is a fast fast place. I still want intermediate videos as I said but he can’t fit any so be it what matters is mass appeal not my appeal. None of the points I’ve listed should be taken as a hard rules they are flexible I don’t know everything there is to know.

4# Your response is bizarre because I’d imagine you read my paragraph on this point it is it’s own separate thing and I clarify that in the post. However I’ll take this as a chance to elaborate my POV. Some topics are touched upon and that is it, this is a huge missed opportunity to introduce the viewer to a new topic and help refine their privacy toolbox. Actually @Cdf brings up a good point about crypto talking about his difficulties buying Monero I feel the same way Henry might get his money through donations but how do we get our own Monero? Same thing with Ebay how do we hide our IP and mailbox and user data? These should be included in the course and if not at least have some relevant articles linked to in the description anything is better than nothing. I find a lot of the time youtuber’s say something is down in the description and it never is and it never gets updated I hope this changes in the future. Cutting down on only the important topics leaves more room to explore solutions for other countries, something youtuber’s rarely even glance at.

5# Hardest disagreement indeed. More black and white thinking the course is not going to be a comedy show nor should it be it should just be more lighthearted think about a grandma watching this or your parents. Internet dwellers shouldn’t be the only people benefiting from this normal people should also find the course informative and a bit entertaining. Take some notes from social media psychology we want people the finish the course some points of jokes or memes can help solidify a memory. People are better at remembering things that have strong emotions tied to them take for an example a time your were seriously injured and a time you were sitting through a lecture at school. I’d bet the injury is what you remember more clearly. The course shouldn’t make people angry but paradoxically that helps memory too if a viewer’s anger helps them remember something so be it. The course as it is now is too dense for me and possibly many others. With Go Incognito V2 we should be striving for mass adoption from real people not in this fake world of 1’s and 0’s.

This is going to sound drastic but hear me out. Set aside some money maybe a 100 bucks this is to cover fees, yes there are some. The best website to date for buying Monero is this https://localmonero.co you can read up on some topics here Knowledge — LocalMonero and learn how to buy some Monero here How to buy Monero — LocalMonero. One the site you buy from sellers who have Monero and you can sell to buyers who need Monero. It’s like decentralized eBay there is even an onion site. You can use bisq but I don’t have knowledge of that.

My uninformed advice (Never bought Monero)

The best listings I’ve see ask for cash in the mail and talk through Session which is similar to Signal but needs no phone numbers an excellent choice. Scams are effortless because everyone is private so set aside some money you’re willing to lose until your confident the platform is for you. Only buy from highly rated sellers don’t feel bad about a seller with 10 reviews they’ll make it with the help of the rich folks who have money to lose you don’t. Back to the mail part you package your money via USPS mail and ship it the package is big so it isn’t obvious there is money inside. Be sure to follow all the steps your seller asks of you and if they seem sketchy leave immediately only proceed if your confident in them. The money might get lost while shipping or might get stolen be sure no one knows there is money in it, this is crucial don’t put any labels or anything of the sort. I’ve heard of redditors using anti sniff bags to store money in but this may be too high of a threat model I think if you follow the sellers advice you should be good. If all goes well the seller will check to see if the money is genuine and send you some Monero to a wallet address you specify. The transaction should be completely anonymous if done this way. Other methods could be used like bank transfers or sending money through paypal but the privacy is questionable.

If you have any questions feel free to ask I’d be happy to unload some more knowledge. The fees are the cost of the box, label and some other things you might need to buy. Monero might have a fee actually but I’m not sure.

On the contrary I think this video should be revised it’s too broad for me to understand unfortunately it didn’t help me at all. This article did though it’s excellent and I love it very informative Threat modeling — CupWire.

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My most infantile suggestion for Go Incognito v2:

Make a more professional looking certificate. I want this thing to be the centerpiece of my trophy-room, man! :grin:


In your updated episode 2.4 you may want to include a link to this site I just found—-

I was able to delete myself from the top 22 biggest data collectors in less than an hour with this aid.
Totally DIY. Totally free.

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I paid for the premium course and glad I did so. It provided a structure to learning privacy topics, even though I had been dabbling in the space for quite some time.

My suggestion:

Include more handouts and templates. Who doesn’t love a good template to begin putting your own thoughts and effort into? I know some already exist in the course but they didn’t seem to be my “go to” handout. Here I would suggest a pdf (and open formats for editing) workbook for threat modeling that leads the student to the conclusion of what they need to focus on. This suggestion also does not require the extra or continuing video productive effort as the templates can be referenced in v2 and if the template needs adjustments along the way it is a pdf (or other) link that can be updated.

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