Gmail to something else transfer

I am useing gmail and switching over to proton mail and qas wondering in theres any easy ways to seiych all my acounts that have my gmail attached to them. I have arou d 230 acounts with my gmail.

You want to search for your accounts? As in enter your email address in to a search field and get a list of all your accounts, I am going to say no.

I do not know of a way to search for subscriptions either.

What exactly are you working on?

I guess my main question was is there an easy to switch all my acounts to my new email or would i habe to go to each website/app and change it Manually

First of all, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, there is no tool that can achieve this (that I am aware of). If you have a password manager that should help with identifing accounts, you can also search through your Gmail for sign up confirmations.

Your best bet is to manually change all the accounts over to your Proton email address. This might also be a good opportunity for you to look at any accounts you don’t need anymore.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

alright thanks for the info

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What I did was export my passwords saved in chrome and imported them into KeePass. Then sorted by priority starting with financial. Then anything that I knew had personal identifiable information. In KeePass programs you can sort your accounts by edited date and this let me manage the rest.
At one point you may be able just say screw the rest. I have held on to my accounts until I stop seeing the data brokers selling them.

Edited, as well deleted all passwords in chrome. It is not worth the time to manage two password managers.