Global Asus Routers outage


Yesterday all Asus routers seemingly stopped working. In the above article, Asus explains that

During routine security maintenance, our technical team discovered an error in the configuration of our server settings file, which could potentially cause an interruption in network connectivity on part of the routers.

I’m personally freaked out by this, on part of my friends who own (or used to own) Asus routers.

On the Asus forums I noticed a thread, where OP noticed the issue in their router, and it seemed like it tried to check for updates, despite having auto updates turned off. This caused some process to go haywire amd get killed off perpetually.

It leaves me wondering, if a misconfigured server at Asus is able to wipe out many Asus routers… how much control over them does Asus have? How much can Asus snoop on their customers? What would happen if Asus were to go under, will the routers become e-waste because they can’t find some arbitrary Asus server?