GL.iNet Travel Router / Portable Security Camera System

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I’ve recently been playing around with ideas on how to best utilize a GLI Travel Router:

  1. Secure internet traffic while on public wifi.
    At minimum you would have an additional firewall and at most you would be utilizing the VPN feature or Tor functionality.
    (Not inherently useful, because I typically avoid public wifi like the plague.)
    1.1 Hotel (hardwired)
    1.2 Coffee Shop (Wifi Repeater)
    1.3 Phone Hot Spot (Wifi Repeater/ USB Tether )
    This scenario intrigues me. It is my current understanding that you can not “share” your VPN connection with additional devices when using a VPN on a phone and the hotspot functionality. Thus this VPN travel router could allow you to gain VPN coverage on a device that you don’t have admin privileges to download your VPN client on. (Work Computer)
    1.4 Mobile Office (hardwired or repeater)
    If you routinely need to transfer large files from two devices and flash drives were not an option. Creating a trusted network could allow you to transfer files from device to device or from a device to networked storage.

I think the scenario that intrigues me the most is a portable security camera system. I saw someone on youtube using a travel router in conjunction with a Wyze camera. Pair the camera with a battery bank and you have a pretty nice portable setup. As it relates to travel you could have a camera in your hotel room and one looking out the window at your car. The only problem with this solution is that you are now at the mercy of Wyze or Lorex or Chinese Inc.

So here are my questions.

  1. Can you think of any other useful applications for a GL.iNet travel router?
  2. If you wanted to make a small portable security camera system would you:
    A. Use an off the shelf wifi camera solution. (If so which)
    B. Build your own open source system using Rasberry Pi Zeros and MotionEye OS
    C. Something Else
  3. How would you access the video stream from an Android Phone
    A. Download the App associated with your camera on a dedicated user account on your android phone.
    B1. Port Forwarding with MotionEye OS
    B2. Remote into your travel router from your phone and navigate to the MotionEye ip address directly
    C. Something Else


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