GitHub flagged new account

Created two GitHub accounts one using SimpleLogin and the other a Masked email from IronVest. Both accounts were flagged instantly. Any suggestions.

If you have a personal domain, you can make an address just for ransom sign-ups.

I do not have a personal domain as of now, curious if the accounts were flagged strictly based on the email address.

I have a Github account that I signed up for using a SimpleLogin alias and no issues. It’s possible that there’s some other factor in play, like a VPN if you use one.

Using ProtonVPN on both accounts.

Just wanted to say that I had the same problem and I opened a support ticket. And I was basically told that my account was flagged because I was using an email alias.

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Thanks for the article. I was trying to comment on a website that required a GitHub account which of course I can not comment due to being flagged.

oh, sorry - i misread and thought you were trying to create a repo