Getting a new lqptop what should i do

New laotop=new hardware=new hardware meaning:new opprutinity to blur my trails.
With big tech and goverments as my main adverserys are there any seggustions for what should i do?

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Assuming you already bought the machine and are looking to avoid Big Tech as you said, your best shot is Linux. Just do your research to see what distro works for you, test it in live mode before installing, and make sure that important software you need or are use to running is either available on Linux or has a good alternative that will work for you.

Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS are all provided by Big Tech companies, so if you want to be stay away from all of them, this is kind of your only option as far as I can see.

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Well i already started my transition. Into linux.

Anything else i shpuld know about?

remember to back things up. its likely something may go wrong and you need a reinstall (its happened to me a few times) so its always good to back things up like keepass files, important docs, pgp and ssh keys etc in something like a veracrypt container on a flash drive or external drive.

dont blindly follow commands from websites or blogs, try to see what it is theyre doing before running them. check out linux communities on matrix, discord, irc, reddit etc and dont be afraid to ask around. good luck and congrats on making the switch!

If your having a hardware specific question, I would say you might want to define your questions a little bit more. If you never get online or even boot up your lap top your safe. Don’t use it and your good.
You have some good advice already posted in these responses. Know the consequences of your actions with your new gear and consider the threats. Understand how to restore your system if you make a mistake.

For Hardware, while System76 or FrameWork would be absolutely perfect, they are very expensive.

I can not recommend Thinkpads enough. They work well with Linux, you can upgrade and repair them, they have very good CoreBoot availability if you are interested in neutering the ime, they are reliable asf, while still being Cheap.

T420 is the perfect mix between old and not locked down while still having a i5, but if you need more power, the T460 or T480 are a good choice as well.

I assumed OP already bought the hardware, but maybe they haven’t. If Linux is what you want to go for, look for laptops that are supported well for Linux! AMD has a great track record of open source drivers so that’s one thing to look for, though it’s not needed.

I did. My CPU is AMD but my gpu is,3080 seened to work fine on my previus device

I can add TUXEDO Computers/Notebooks to the list, they are also absolutely perfect for Linux (the hardware is designed to work with Linux like System76 does).