General PSA On Forum Titles, Organization, & Meta Etiquette 📣

Hey awesome forum community!

Recently I’ve been finding myself modifying many of your post titles, and it takes some time out of our days. So I wanted to send a quick PSA with some general guidelines for how to properly title your posts so we can all help each other out:

  • Be descriptive! For example: If you are curious for the communities thought’s on XYZ Messenger, don’t just title your post “XYZ Messenger”; rather, make the title something along the lines of “What are the communities opinions of XYZ Messenger’s Privacy?” - this is just an example. Just make sure you’re selecting a descriptive title outlining the content of your topic.
  • Please avoid typos and grammar issues when possible.
  • Avoid slang
  • Use proper punctuation
  • Select proper categories and tags
  • If you’re asking a question or getting advice and you have the ability to mark a solution to your question - please do so! It makes things much easier for people to locate solutions to your question going forward.

This is important for everyone! It’s important for:

  • You who’s making the post! A proper title will allow other community members to right away know what you’re asking - so they’re more likely to engage with your post and open it in the first place.
  • Other community members, so they’re able to search for your post and properly locate relevant topics within the forum.
  • Other Techlore communities. We cross-post some of your posts to other Techlore platforms via our feeds, and without a properly written title, people on other platforms won’t understand your post.
  • The internet as a whole, as a properly written title means people on external platforms outside the forum (ex. Search engines) can properly direct people to your topic. This means anyone on the internet who’s asking about the privacy of XYZ messenger may be more likely to locate your post and get support as well.
  • Myself and @Jonah who are doing our best to moderate this community :slight_smile:

Just a general reminder that both myself & @Jonah do go in and modify titles to try to keep things as organized as possible for the reasons listed above. But it’d be much appreciated if more people could help out. Not just with titles, but selecting correct categories/tags, and marking their questions as solved once they’re resolved.

Thanks everyone!