Fun POLL! What would you choose?

(btw your vote is anonymous) If you could choose 1 to protect what would it be and why? I know peoples threat models are different but just wanted something fun for the community to do and see what what people would choose :smile:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Anonymity
  • Pseudonymity
  • Other

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Not sure I could pick just 1. If I didn’t have all of them, my threat model wouldn’t work

If I had to pick just one, I’d be security. Without good security, you wouldn’t have good privacy/anonymity. Your details, fake and real, would be leaked. It’s one reason why encryption on more private services, is so important. It’s one thing that helps make them private.

i agree i chose security as well, because how can they leak your privacy if they can’t get it.

fir enough, but what one would be your priority if you had to choose 1?

Which is why you never should use tor browser on your Host machine.

Also it’s good to see so many people realize that privacy worth nothing without security. Time to DdoS Fdroid/Lineage/GNU software devs everyone.

Damn , what’s your threat model?

I would argue that you can’t have good privacy without good security. Good security without good privacy can still be pretty bad for you (e.g. Google).
That’s why I think that, in an ideal scenario, if you have great privacy, you necessarily have great security.

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Not sure how to explain it, but I use all of those things for different scenarios

What do you mean by ideal situation? Programmers not writing bugs , unsafe code practices would cease to exist and programmers would rush to switch their apps and port them over to the latest and greatest code language and legacy code will be a thing of the past ? Security researchers , Pentesters would dust away lol.