Friction on the Forum!

Few things I’ve found hobbling the UX here so far:

-only allows one draft at a time so when a new user can’t post due to trust level limits they also can’t make drafts for future topics other than the single one in progress

-can’t send message on mobile if it’s too long, mobile formatting is bad, text often doesn’t wrap correctly

-can’t add custom tags, I’m not sure the point of the tag feature if they’re not custom, seems exactly like categories which also seems very limited. I wanted to tag something as “payments” as there’s no category for this. Maybe I just don’t get how these features are supposed to work?

Do list your frustrations so we can get some feedback heard.

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Mind posting a screenshot of your issue on mobile? I browse this forum from my phone almost exclusively and I haven’t run into any issues myself.

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I do find the small limitation of only being able to reply to three things annoying… I haven’t got around to writing multiple drafts though…

And I totaly agree the options for tags is a bit limited… Can we please get some more?

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New users are limited to three replies in a thread until someone replies to them to prevent people from spamming the thread. I can’t imagine why you would need to post more than three reply posts in one thread without meeting that requirement.

You can reply to more than one person in a single post (by quoting more than one post, select the text you want to reply to and clicking the Quote button that shows up).

I don’t know if the draft feature is limited to only one draft from Discourse itself, but sometimes I will write a post in a markdown editor, work on it over there, and then post when ready.

I am browsing, from my phone, in a PWA, no issue.