FOSS notability alternatives? I

I like notability and have all my school notes on the software for my mac I’m thinking is there another one that would be better? If Joplin how can I transfer notes from notability to joplin?
Things like joplin seem interesting but the lack of exporting and importing makes me wary of it…

Xournal++ Lacks organization but it seems like a interesting option.

I’m not really sure of others can you help me fine some. I wish for it to import from notabillity(maybe joplin has a workaround?) export to notability and be a great note software…

I haven’t used Joplin for a while, but pretty sure it has importing/exporting functionality

Importing notability notes

No I mean I need it to import notability notes!

Sharing a Single Note from the Library

  1. Click on the note you want to share.
  2. Right Click on the note and choose “Share”.
  • Alternatively, you can click File > Export, and choose a file format to quickly export that note to the location you want (skip step 3).
  1. Choose a destination (Share to…, Email, Print, Save As, or a connected cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or WebDAV).
  2. Choose a file format.
  3. Click Share Note.

Sharing Multiple Notes from the Library

  1. Click on the first note you want to share, then tap & hold the command button on your keyboard while you use your mouse to click on the remaining notes you would like to share.
  • To share your entire note library, select the first note, tap & hold the shift key, scroll to the bottom of “All Notes”, and click on the last note in the list. All notes should highlight in blue.
  1. Right Click on one of the highlighted notes and choose Share.
  2. Choose a destination and file format.
  3. Click Share Notes.

What File Formats are available? Which format is compatible with the least amount of formatting.

I work with AmpleNote, Obsidian, and Notion. Mostly using MarkDown to export from one tool to the next.

I think this may stray a bit from your desired use case, but I figured I’d share my note taking workflow, just in case.

I write almost all of my notes in markdown. It’s extremely lightweight, portable, and has an easy learning curve. As for applications, I almost exclusively use Vim with the Markdown Preview and Vim Markdown plugins. The former uses your browser to render a preview of the markdown and the latter provides syntax highlighting (along with some other small quality of life features). For Android, I’ve found Markor and Orgzly to do a pretty good job as well (however, I only use these if I’m away from my laptop and need to make urgent changes).

If you can export your notes from Notability into markdown, then you’re all set to go. You can then organize the files as you see best. Also, for sharing immutable notes, I use Pandoc to convert my markdown files into PDFs.

I’m quite fond of this method as it’s flexible, simple, and extremely customizable. The whole thing gets even more exciting once you go down the scripting rabbit hole. I hope this helps. Cheers!

How would I convert handwritten notes?

You could try using OCR to convert the images into text; however, OCR is a bit finicky when it comes to handwriting. Another option is to embed the images in markdown files and convert those into PDFs. However, your PDFs won’t be searchable and will be quite unruly in size (well, compared to plain markdown, at least).

I need to check out Markor again, its been about a year since I used it on a different phone.

I’m working more in VIM on my laptop but 90% of the time I am on my phone.

I use AmpleNote as of now to start notes and task as well as a calendar. I found with my hand writing AmpleNote does a good job of OCR. I use a Bullet Journal to capture hand written notes, i would like to push maybe my weekly review or tri weekly review to Amplenote but this might just be making work…

Markdown is a great format to work with multiple tools.

Yesterday I quickly made a PDF for a friend. Using Brave, opened AmpleNote Notes, Print, Save to PDF.

I found Markor to be a solid choice, but like you, it’s been about a year since I’ve used it.

Also, I’m the complete opposite. I use Vim 99% of the time and only use my phone in an emergency. Actually, it’s been so long that I might be misremembering, but I’m fairly certain I just edited markdown directly in Nextcloud.

Actually, everything I do is in Nextcloud now (calendar included). This is why I love markdown so much as it just works everywhere. My handwriting is utterly atrocious, so OCR is out of the question for me, but that seems like a viable option for a lot of people.

For a lot of things, this is all you need. I’m loving Firefox’s new PDF editor and find myself using it quite frequently for basic tasks.

Finding a balance with gear is something I am working on. I just took down my NextCloud set up for some new equipment and networking. (Renovation).
I’m mobile most of my time I picked up an Orange Pi800 and I am considering a portable monitor to finish out a Docking hub for my phone.
I use PDF on Edge quite often because I jump around from one mini PC (terminal) to another and Edge is installed on all them at work. I am in electrical maintenance so we red line drawings and schematics.