Forums/chat rooms?

Are there any other forums or chat rooms with this sort of discussion? I know Whonix has a forum but it’s not nearly as good as this one. Thanks in advance.

apart from this forum, there are a lot of subreddits:
r/privacy r/privacytoolsio r/tails r/whonix r/onions r/tor r/privatelife r/defacebook r/degoogle r/duckduckgo r/thehatedone r/europrivacy

apart from that I dont really know.

The saddest part is that it requires a reddit account just to interact.
I’m mean I’m not shocked, but considering this forum (with discus, but you don’t need to create on account), then where else does one go?

Yeah exactly. Its really frustrating that this platform right here does not have as big of a userbase.
imo they should literally just make these subs point here

I think that it’s only in the last year to couple of years that Discourse as forum software has seen a big increase in popularity, which I’m excited about for multiple reasons. This tied with other developments in privacy, centralization, and maybe a dash of nostalgia, are making folks more interested in spending time on independent forums than on the major centralized platforms.

Of course, one advantage that Reddit has over independent forums is discovery. I understand why that’s the case and I don’t necessarily begrudge them for it. By virtue of being an aggregator it incentivizes more people to “host forums” on Reddit than setting up their own.

I hope that folks begin to appreciate independent social platforms more, not just for the privacy community but in general. Let’s bring it back. Let’s make the internet weird again. :slight_smile:

Lastly, our continued use of this forum makes it more likely that others will want to join and participate, and other still will want to see more forums get made!


Definitely, this forum is still very new, and even though it’s technically been up for a few months now it was only officially announced on the channel about a week ago, so we’re very much at the beginning of things and it can only grow from here. :slight_smile:

This subreddit was replaced by r/privacyguides around a year ago FWIW.

I’d recommend Hacker News although it’s not privacy/security focused, more so technology and everything surrounding it.

Have you ever heard of matrix? There are a ton of quality rooms (and spaces) focusing on privacy and security.

From the obvious GOS community, to the cybersecurity-central, to a lot more.