Forced to use Zoom in the university

Hi, everyone! I need some advice from you. The new academic year is about to start, and my university will probably continue with online classes, potentially requiring the use of Zoom for attending lectures. This concerns me due to Zoom’s new policy (AI Stirs Up More Privacy Issues on Zoom - SR146). What should I do? For instance, I could reach out to every teacher who uses Zoom and politely ask them to consider using Google Meet (at least) instead, but I’m worried about possibly appearing awkward. Are the potential risks of continuing to use Zoom high, or is this new policy not that evil to put so much effort to avoid it? Are there any options to delete my data from Zoom in the future, and are there also ways to opt out data collection for AI training?

I would say that depends on your threat model. I’ve been in the same situation where I’ve been required to use Zoom for higher educational classes. I’m also sure you could ask the teacher to ensure that the AI training collection is disabled.

Personally, the risks with it enabled isn’t that high. Unless you’re talking about deeply personal things, most of the things talked about in Zoom sessions for classes are things about the current unit being learned in the class and any office hours a teacher might have. Though most teachers offer Email was a way to contact them also.

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