Forced to use SIM verification

Hello Techlore, my financial institution’s only supported 2FA method is SIM verification. Is there a way to ensure the most security while using this method?

It is susceptible to use SIM Swapping. It is recommended to use a Virutal Number Service such as MySudo, If you are in the US.

If not, use or JuicySMS

I’m in a similar situation, and I don’t live in a country where MySudo is available. And since my old number was getting many telemarketer/scam calls a day, I ended up changing my number. Actually changed it to two numbers - personal and non-personal - but that’s a different story.

But my point is I wonder if there’s value to using a number that is unlikely to get caught up in a data breach? Less prone to being targeted for SIM swapping etc?

Just speculating, no idea if this is true or not.

You can use an online rental like SMSPool for one-time SMS verifications, or even longer-term phone numbers. Outside of that Google Voice would probably work too for you, if you have any questions let me know :slight_smile: