First Ever Techlore Dubbed Video! (Spanish & Portuguese)

We’ve heard from many of you that you want subbed/dubbed Techlore content! We were invited to test a new Google project, Aloud, and here are the results…

I present our first ever YT dubbed video - you can select English, Spanish, or Portuguese audio tracks. There are also subs, and you should be able to view the title/description in those languages as well.

This is just a test, not something we’re looking to roll out yet.

Check it out: How to PROPERLY threat model - YouTube

Can you next time dub the videos in Arabic because must Arabian people don’t know about privacy and security

At first glance, this is very impressive and I think that if other Spanish speakers find this easier to consume, it’s a net win.

However, as a note, because I don’t see how you can avoid this given the technology you’re using, it does sound like you put your speech into Google Translate and had that read it. It’s still very good, but you notice it. As my mom told me after I started losing practice for Spanish, “you’re speaking it fine, but you’re structuring your sentences as though you were still speaking English.”

It’s a total nitpick though and nothing you can realistically do about it besides getting an actual translator. So great job!

We had very few language options to select from. It’s a super early version of a project that isn’t even guaranteed to stick around. Spanish and Portuguese were the most popular language options we could select (that our audience speaks)

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I understand that you need to have a very good method for Spanish users but I need help with Arabic people because no one is having trop