Firefox add-ons

I’ve heard and read lot’s of conflicting information on which add-ons are useful/unuseful, redundant, unnecessary, etc., and find it a bit confusing.
Could someone please tell me if any of the 4 add-ons I use are redundant, unnecessary, or harmful. (I’d appreciate the reasons why as well)
I’m using the most recent Firefox with all basic privacy/security toggles advice applied from Techlore video tutorials.
Add-ons currently in use:
-Duck-duck go privacy essentals
-Ublock Origin
-Cookie auto-delete


Are you referring to our 2022 guide? Because that’s still the most relevant information that only really recommends a single extension to most people.

TLDR: I’d probably remove everything except UBO from your list. The video I linked above and the arkenfox wiki are great places to see the issues with most extensions and why they’re not recommended anymore.

Personally, I would remove:

  • DDG Privacy Essentials
  • Decentraleyes

I’d then make sure uBlock Origin is setup to my liking. Personally, I like it in Medium mode. You can go here, to see which mode is right for you, and settings to change. I also add the two filter lists:

  1. fuckfuckadblock = This is a custom list, that you’ll need to add yourself.
  2. EasyList Cookie = This is a built in list, that you can enable by: uBlock Origin Settings page → Filter Lists → Annoyances.

Neither one is mandatory, but I find them useful.

I’d also then revert Firefox to allow cookies (not 3rd party), and use Cookies Autodelete to manage them. Make sure every cleaning setting is enabled, and add my own account filters.

Another issue I’m having is that, as far as I can tell, I have Cookies and Site Data set to delete everytime I close Firefox, but everytime I check in settings I find cookies, site data and cache still storing data, even if I’ve just opened Firefox.
I suspect I’m missing something really stupidly simple. What is it?
(I have it set in permanent private browsing mode)

I see 7 different “Annoyance” lists. Should I check them all, or just the UBlock Filters Annoyances?

Those are all different lists. Kinda upto you, which ones you want. Though, I wouldn’t use both AdGuard and Fanboy, together. I stick to just EasyList Cookies. Then tweak what I allow/block on a per-site basis, with uBlock on Medium mode.

My experience has been that Fanboy’s annoyance list breakes the most websites. I personally use AdGuard, EasyList, and uBlock filters and with these I rarely see any cookie pop-ups or any other annoyances.