Finding, installing and staying up-to-date with Android Apps

The weather in my area has been one thing hot. Just hot.

With the changing season and a noticeable drop in temperature in the forecast from Geometric Weather I am optimistic for the fall weather.

Noticing the wind picking up I wondered what was on the radar. Not wanting to dig through the internet and set up a PWA at this moment, I decided to check out F-Droid.

I found an interesting project WeatherRadar, went to source code, checked out the github page. Figured I would give it a try if not for long term but curiosity.

Went to releases, copied URL, opened Obtanium, went to add an app, popped the URL in and installed the app.

Happy with the installation, opened my RSS feed Feeder Added the the release URL to my GitHubs tab, Release notes from WeatherRadar

Notice the .atom

Just a few notes on how I manage apps and updates. Any suggestions appreciated.


have you tried readyou it’s a real good RSS feed reader here’s it’s GitHub page

I just installed Read you, very similar gui as Feeder. I will run both apps for a bit see if I can find a winner.

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Feeder is really the winner as I trust the dev, readyou is some chinese guys (that probably are trustworthy but…)

Obtainium is a life saver!

F-droid with a privileged extension is user friendly. Aurora for the play store apps.

I actually use magisk and Lsposed, and there in-built updaters are pretty nice. (security elites please don’t eat me for using root, this is not my daily driver :slight_smile: )

With the success I have had with Obtanium,
F-Droid and the Aurora store have had less of my attention. If I would migrate more app updates to Obtanium then I would depend less on both of them on my main EDC phone.
Since I do not sign in to F-Droid on their website never considered to check it out on Brave to see if they have a PWA. They do not just a bookmark option.

Until I migrate all apps over from F-Droid I guess I will just keep using the app.

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How do you update Brave?? as far as I know they only publish nightly builds on github and their website redirects to play store for downloading app.

Obtanium via GitHub, it was tricky to get set up. I made a post here where I got some help


I recently installed Obtainium after reading your post, there are few apps which don’t publish apk file on github or gitlab like mull browser, kde connect, shelter etc. I have to use fdroid for these apps. Other than those, only brave was a problem, its difficult to get brave work in this way. Thanks for help.

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Would it help if we made a list and posted App source URL?

0btanium works with F-Droid packages.

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I update Brave (and other browsers) with FFUpdater from F-Droid, an app for downloading and updating free and privacy-respecting browsers. Brave in particular gets updated via GitHub.


Funny: for all the security “FDroid is a honeypot” freaks, there are no precompiled versions of

  • Feeder (which you mentioned)
  • Libreoffice remote
  • Osmand~
  • Simplytranslate
  • Schildichat
  • Kde connect
  • Fitotrack
  • Öffi
  • Fedilab
  • Bubble

So without FDroid you cant use these.

Most of them are essential tools I use everyday. Also when adding 50 or so apps, Obtainium became completely unresponsive for me, not loading anything.

Free and privacy respecting Browsers are Fennec, Mull and others from F-Droid. The ones you get from FFUpdater all contain tracking and are not fully opensource, thats why they have to be downloaded like that.

And then if you add FDroid to obtainium thats kinda weird. If it would work, no problem, but it seems to struggle with lots or Apps

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@jordan helped me with setting up Brave, by adding “Release”
Obtanium failes to find a suitable release for IVPN. Their github page has all assets as .zip or tar.gz files.

I choose to install via F-Droid.

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