Finally got my whole immediate family on Signal

This is somewhat of a brag post, but I also wanted to highlight how much of a process it is to convince people to get on Signal. It took many months to slowly convince my spouse, siblings, and finally my parents to switch to Signal, but now the family group chat is a Signal chat instead of a Whatsapp chat!

I unfortunately still need to use Whatsapp for other communications, but I have already convinced a few of my closer friends to switch to Signal and hopefully I can continue to do so. How are you progressing in the quest to have your friends and family switch to Signal (or whatever your preferred private messenger may be)? And what subpar messenger(s) are you being compelled to use in the meantime?


Got a few people, and still making progress on getting more onboard.

WhatsApp. Although I have more people on Signal than WhatsApp which is great!

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No luck with signal. I think it is because signal is boring compare to imessage cuz they seems to forget it exist.
So, people i know mostly uses iMessage or just sms.

At this point i am fine with iMessage since now they offer e2ee message backups.
Just need to wait until apple and google fixes the rcs thing so android people also gets e2ee. Unfortunately, it seems like they are trolling each other at this point: Google Hits Back at iMessage! - YouTube


I’ve managed to get all my close family and friends back home to use Signal. Granted, I moved to a new country on the other side of the planet and told people that if they wanted to talk to me, they’d have to get on Signal. I’ll admit, it’s a bit nuclear and isn’t something I’d advise doing, but it worked for me.

My current country of residence only uses Line to communicate. Line is used for literally everything. I had to use Line to even communicate with my doctor. Needless to say, I can’t persuade my employer or doctors or anyone else here to make the switch.

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Same here I vent nuclear :slightly_smiling_face: Except I leveraged the terms and condition mess WhatsApp did.

So far I don’t use anything else. I have Session installed, but just in case. Unfortunately I’m also in the country that people use SMS/iMessage or WhatsApp. I have to finally flash Calyx to have an excuse that my phone does not support WhatsApp :person_shrugging: :laughing:


CalyxOS does support WhatsApp.

I though that microG are optional.

This is true. microG is optional. But it’s not true that CalyxOS doesn’t support WhatsApp, so I wouldn’t offer that as a reason for not using WhatsApp.

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My close family and friends use Signal. So in that respect I have achieved my goal.

For school and a few other people I do use WhatsApp. But I am going to delete my WhatsApp account soon. As an alternative I sadly have to use Discord and Microsoft Teams, but Discord will soon be faded out. I try to converse as much as possible in person. And keep chats for school only about school on Discord. I try to compartmentalize although I could definitely compartmentalize better. Which is what I am working out currently how to do so.


@Ambrosio what helped me was mentioning that I respond faster on Signal and that it is privacy friendly as opposed to WhatsApp. And then I linked a few articles of mainly data breaches. But I wonder what advice others might have to convince people to switch over, because I think there is way better advice out there.

what helped me was mentioning that I respond faster on Signal and that it is privacy friendly as opposed to WhatsApp. And then I linked a few articles of mainly data breaches.

No one gives a crap about privacy around me unfortunately. I mentioned that, but didn’t go in details. This is the app I use now. Period. I’m tired of explaining myself. But of course I helped my family to install and I was available to answer questions.

I know very well my way around computers and every single person not so “computer literate” I know, comes to me for answers/help/tips. For that I’m “the guy who knows”. But when I say something about the importance of privacy, suddenly I’m paranoid and I have no idea what I’m talking about. Funny how it works … :person_shrugging:

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I feel ya. No one around me also give a shit about privacy, unfortunately I’ll have to keep Whatsapp

I was in the same boat. But I decided I should you make concessions. And I learned that most of the people who did not want to install a extra app for me, did not really care about me that much.

Yes, but what about those new people you meet and have to talk to?

WhatsApp works without microg, even the notifications.

I have slowly been able to fade out those people. But it is a long traject. New people sadly won’t be able to message me on WhatsApp.

So you don’t have Whatsapp? Or any other not private messenger?

No it is hard to get everyone i know to signal

Cool to hear that you managed to achive such goal!

In my case I have a bunch of my best friends there. They’re not many, but as they’re the ones which I interact the most nearly all my messages are sent via signal.

Whatsapp. It’s the de facto standar here. (ey, at least it’s not SMS) Instagram DMs really popular among young people but I’m not going to toucg instagram. Ever.