Fiat to Crypto Privately (no-KYC)?

It feels like the advice on this online is extremely out of date. What is the current accepted way to turn fiat into crypto with no KYC? I wanted to buy things on Amazon, but Amazon won’t allow me to create a new pseudonymous account without confirming my ID. I tried so many things. Then I found out about, which seems great because they can deliver to amazon locker, but they don’t accept Monero and only support crypto payments.

Seems fine. I can just buy bitcoin from an ATM, right? Put it on a paper wallet, right? Well unless I’m stupid, every Bitcoin ATM I’ve been to has been KYC. Most need an account that asks for ID. I’m just trying to buy groceries to test the service hahaha nothing even crazy. I looked at Bisq but it’s really finicky for me and the only Bitcoin offers are for like $300 and there are only like 2.

It sucks because if I can figure this out, it would be a serious boon to my privacy. Buying things on would open up a lot in terms of that stuff, and get me to actually start using crypto instead of fiat. I’d love to move entirely to crypto in the future and not even have a bank, but I need to get past this hurdle.

What are the Summer 2023 norms for no-KYC fiat-to-crypto exchanging?

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Well depends where you are from, i assume US since u used Dollar. For EU the most solid options (imo) are Pocket Bitcoin and Relai they both support stuff like paying out directly to your hardware wallet (or in general own wallets). To note, it’s kyc-lite (no kyc until 999€/mo then you need to authenticate + ofc they get your bank data where u pay from)

Alternatively there is the website kyc not me which lists a bunch of exchanges, swaps etc which allow no kyc. Popular options are Bisq and agoradesk (i never used them personally but they’ve got good reputation).
If you got XMR there is a thing called Atomic-Swaps (a few exchanges are listed on the kyc not me website as well. Which allow you to directly swap BTC and XMR, but it’s a fairly young tool, so use with caution.

Relai wont offer non KYC buys for that much longer (for most people) because of MiCA and i guess the same will apply to Pocket

I have used in the past, I have some trusted sellers there. Though your local laws may force the individuals to KYC you personally (keep some ID of yours for a limited time.)

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Bisq or Monero.

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