Fediverse (Mainly Mastodon) Instance recomedations?

I’ve been looking to make an account on the fediverse. But the one thing that has held me back for years has been the blocking of instances. AFAIK the main mastodon instance has a block list. So this raises a few questions for me:

  • Are there any well know instances that don’t block and aren’t blocked? Sort of like a bridge.

  • What are good clients on Android, Windows and Linux that allow ME to block whole instances? For all their services: Mastodoon, Pixelfed, Peertube…

  • And what would happen if I “retweet” content from a blocked instance while using this bridge instance, will my followers on the blocking instance see it?

I use https://mas.to with the official Android client.

Not had any issues with instances being blocked. Also remember that you can switch instances and move your account to a new instance at any time if you have issues with instances being blocked.

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What are your experiences with the official client?

I ask because I’ve heard some people saying it was not good or something like that.

I use Tusky and it works really well.

All instances block some content. Usually nazis, cp and spam.

You can pick whatever instance you want, you should be fine.

Also, if you want to have full control of the instances which you do or don’t federate you can always host your own instance.

In Android I use Tusky. Althought I haven’t tried them all.
And in PC just access it via web browser.

Sorry, but I don’t fully get the “bridge instance” concept.
But if you repeat something from a server that’s blocked on another server. The people from that another server would not be able to see it since they block that server.

Sorry if I worded it badly or commited any errors. Still learning.

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It doesn’t have loads of features, but the design is really nice. It does everything I need so it works for me.

If you’re already using Tusky and you like it, stick with it. You could also try the official client for a bit and just delete it if you don’t like it

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I use the mastadon[.]social instance. Like most all social media mastadon is full of interesting and terrible things. Lol but thats just a personal opinion.

As far as app - i don’t use one.
I use the mobile site on browser. They have a web app prompt so you can make an icon on the phone ‘desktop’ - or you can leave a tab open.

The mobile version is very developed. It has, from my experience, all the main sites functionality.
I use a grapheneOs device with bromite browser and everything seems to work as it should.

Yeah, that is what I feared. And instances that don’t are usually blocked from most other instance from the research I’ve done. That is a shame.

I’d rather control myself what I am exposed to. Even if I would block all those things there is a very real possibility that on a granular level the content blocked by me or an instance runner wouldn’t 100% percent match. And unfortunately I can’t host my own instance.

Cool to know. I’ll try it out at some point.

Thanks for the info. : )

Same, having that level of control is nice.

In your case I would recomend you looking at a general propurse instance with little to none blocked instances. Iirc it’s possible to see that at the servers landing page.