Fdroid Security Issues

What do you guys think of this app to update right from the source? I started using it but I’m unsure if there are security concerns just using an update all button.

Nothing as I don’t know it!

In theory I like it, but it doesn’t seem to be a good option for most users. If you consider yourself an advanced user (you most likely are), it might be better than F-Droid. At least the updates should arrive much faster…

The developers GitHub, F-Droid, etc accounts may be less secure than their Google Play accounts as I believe Google requires 2FA for developers. Google also checks apps for malware unlike other sources.

I just skimmed over everything but if you’re talking about this (You should uninstall F-Droid - Part 1 - YouTube, You should uninstall F-Droid - Part 2 - YouTube) you can just use droidify. Side of burritos is pretty good for everything grapheneos.