Family wants me to use Life360

What do you want advice about?
On how to deal with my family wanting Life360. And advice to use Life360 in the most privacy friendly way if there is no way around it. For reference I use an Android phone running on GrapheneOS.

What have you considered or looked at already?
I have straight up said I won’t install the application, but I feel I have to install it either way. I also have looked at apps being able to fake my location. But there are still many privacy risks to using this program.

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?
I want to prevent companies from collecting my personal data as much as personally bearable.

You could make a dummy profile for it and turn off location.

I am thinking about using a Virtual Machine to create a dummy account in and set it and manually change the location. So that is a good idea.

I would always recommend not installing the app at all. Talk to them about the dangers of a company handling your location all times and make them understand.

But I guess you have already tried all that already. In Android 13 Android apps can ask for approximate location and exact location so I guess you can give them the approx. one.

I guess there are ways to fake location in mobile using root, but it’s always advisable not to root.

To cut the rot you must root.

Ask them if they’re comfortable with the company that’s selling precise location of their children to anyone who pays

(Yes, I know that they pinky sworn that they stopped … but I would not trust this company anymore.)

Don’t need to root to fake GPS location at least. Do you mean something different?

I am not quite aware how you would go on about faking your GPS without root. If there are any let me know. Cheers!

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there is an app called “Fake GPS location” by Lexa on the Play store that I was successfully able to use the app to fool Life360 in thinking that I was 1000’s of miles away. I’ve never rooted any of my devices and I don’t even know if it’s possible on a Samsung S7 Snapdragon (the phone I had at the time). The app is not open source, but iirc I was able to get an open source one working as well, although it didn’t appear to be very reliable. The app surprisingly seems to be pretty legit as well.
edit: forgot to mention this uses Android’s “mock location” setting in Developer settings

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Can you define “use”?

I use gmail? I have a specific device (S7 as well) that I only use for gmail. The use is to maintain control of the accounts, use the email to recover accounts which I have not deleted which use that email for account recovery.

The phone is wifi only. I do not use GPS, on that phone.

My goal is to delete the gmail accounts when I stop seeing PII related to those accounts.

Perhaps you can set up a life360 device and “check in”

Thank you this is really useful. Happily enough they have been quiet. But if they end up talking about it again I will share the article @Ambrosio mentioned. Otherwise I will use Fake Traveller with a dummy account like others mentioned. Currently I don’t want to attract to much attention and hope that it blows over. But thanks everyone for contributing to a solution.

I could also not use it as much and not give access to any permisions and see how far that can take me. Great insight.

The fake travler app was default from calyxOS. Im looking for an updated app and maybe more features.

I just played around with a fake route app. Got two street mapping programs to display my phone GPS to display i am doing 124 mph in a different state! Once you get the routes made, you can take the app offline, I picked this one app out of the play store because it had no trackers no other experience with it.

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