Fairphone 3 gets seven years of updates, besting every other Android OEM

The company announced today that the Fairphone 3, which was released in 2019, has had its support extended to 2026, making for seven years of updates. The company also just released Android 13 for the Fairphone 3. Google’s own 2019 phone, the Pixel 4, shut down support in October 2022.

Fairphone strives to make sustainable smartphones, designing its products to be repairable and also offering replacement parts for sale online. Part of that sustainability mission is an absolutely herculean effort to keep the Android updates flowing, even when Qualcomm drops critical software support for the SoC. Fairphone says the Snapdragon 632 SoC in the Fairphone 3 was only supported up to Android 11, so continuing to support the Fairphone 3 meant doing the upgrades all by itself.


In my opinion, Google Pixel 4 was an abject failure. But the 4a, one of the best phones ever.

I still think buying a Pixel and custom ROM is a better way to go than to buy Fairphone or Purism Librem phones.

Why does it appear that I have to purchase a Fairphone phone plan to get a phone from the company?

FairPhone 4 has CalyxOS support and íodeOS support btw.

I don’t believe this is true. Even if it was, you could buy the phone from a third party seller and use any supported SIM.

Putting the FairPhone and the Librem 5 in the same sentence is pretty harsh IMHO. One is a borderline scam that’s an overpriced, incomplete product. One is a genuine phone you can buy and flash a custom ROM on. The genuine product is also half the price of the non-genuine too :slight_smile:


Nah when I tried to purchase one off the site, it said I need to get a FairPhone phone plan as well. you’re right, Fairphone has improved a lot.

Not really sure what you are talking about, I know they do offer a phone subscription, right now they are only available in Europe and are soon going to be available in the United States. When I checked their website it brought me to this page:

Where you can purchase the phone outright for 579 euros, no mention of the phone subscription plan. Fairphone aren’t perfect but I do think they are doing a good job regarding right to repair and offering extended security updates.

I have heard that in some places in Europe it’s hard to find Google Pixels so this could be a decent alternative in the future for those people that want to use a custom rom.


My main concern being security issues, they don’t seem to be as secure as Pixel devices:

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