Facial Recognition protection

I’ve read that the best facial recognition systems only need 2 pupils and the width of the bridge of the nose to correctly identify someone.
Assuming this is true, would a simple eye patch be the simplest solution? Would all the Techlore fans look like a pirate convention.
If I’m wrong about what the system needs to make an identification, I’d appreciate any references that would help me understand the process better.

There are two main ways that normal facial recognition works:

  • Holistic facial recognition analyzes a subject’s whole face to find identifying features that match the target.

  • Feature-based facial recognition separates the relevant recognition data from the face, then applies it to a template that’s compared against potential matches.

Facial recognition algorithms are used to identify your unique facial biometrics and features, such as the space between your nose and mouth, the size of your eyebrows, the width of your forehead, and numerous other attributes.

These distinctive features are called nodal points, and the average human face contains roughly 80 of them. This analogue information is converted to digital code to form your faceprint.

Wearing an eye patch could help fool the software into a false match however as already mentionned since there is roughly around 80 nodal points on the average human face thus it isn’t effective at fooling advanced algorithms with high-quality/closeup footage. I could see it maybe working on a less advanced software or bad quality footage.


So a wide brim hat, dark wrap around glases and a covid mask should work quite well?

Hey Yuki,
Yes as far as I know, just don’t get yourself arrested or something :sweat_smile:

Because of how extreme you’d have to be to avoid facial recognition, it seems to be like the only time you can practically avoid it is during an event at which you do want to be identified, in which case you effectively wear a mask. Sure, people might be doing that in protests anyway to not get identified, but where as before the goal was to not be identified by people using their eyes to determine who you are, now you’re trying to reduce the chances that software can pick you out of a crowd. It’s effectively mandatory if you want to show up at something that could get you in trouble (among other things you would need to do). I don’t think this is a look you can make work on a regular basis.

It’s so invasive and yet so prevalent that the only way I see to effectively fight against this is to push for legislative change. Cameras are going up everywhere and there are easy ways to launder data such that the government can run facial recognition software on any footage they get. To use gaming terminology - it’s OP and broken. Unless it’s regulated, we don’t stand a chance in the day-to-day.

Sorry, I know these aren’t tips to help your situation!