Facebook the Great Qing

…and their metaverse endeavor is like the New Policies the Great Qing instituted after the Boxer Rebellion. Ultimately these New Policies went nowhere in many regions. And, under 5 years before the Great Qing fell, officials were still blocking reforms, estranging both the elite and reformers. And come 1912, the Great Qing is no more.

After doing wonderfully in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Great Qing started to fall apart, with problems such as revolts, economic issues, corruption, and an inability for officials to adapt to the times. Efforts like the Tongzhi Resoration and the Hundred Days Reform went nowhere. The Boxer Rebellion where Boxers attacked Chinese Christians and foreign missionaries. This resulted in eight foreign nations invading China and imposing a harsh Boxer Protocol. The government went ahead with the New Policies.

The reason why I am discussing the Great Qing is in regards to Facebook. Seeing how their stock has been falling and their metaverse is a mess, I cannot help but start seeing Facebook is like the Great Qing, and I think this is something we should discuss more, instead of just calling Facebook evil and similar.

I have expressed concern that surveillance capitalism is not only unethical, but also fundamentally stunting against what makes a company and an economy great (I wonder how much surveillance capitalism has ruined R&D). No wonder I express concern Big Tech is risking themselves to become the new Russian Empire (lost to an emerging power then utterly fell apart. This would be like if Gmail falls to Proton and others, only for Google to announce they’ll discontinue Gmail because Gmail lost big time.) or another Ottoman Empire situation (in their last years, the Ottoman Empire was a dying, fragmented regime and they ultimately picked the wrong side, paying dearly).

Facebook is also dealing with revolts (leavers), economic issues (sustainability problems), corruption (mismanagement), and an inability to adapt (Zuckerberg and Facebook failures). Efforts for Facebook to be more privacy-respecting (or even at least more serviceable) are going nowhere (Tongzhi and 100 Days). Instead, Facebook seems to be becoming worse both privacy and service-wise (Boxer Rebellion). In response, many companies are calling Facebook out and they’re enjoying increased user-bases and respect (Apple, Signal, and others; Boxer Protocol). And now they rebranded themselves and are going with the metaverse (New Policies), only for none of their issues still being resolved and investors are fretting.

On the positive side, if Facebook is the Great Qing, it can be said Proton and Signal are like Imperial Japan (when the Qing was still around). Still very fresh, emerging, yet proving themselves very capable. What are Proton and Signal doing right that Big Tech (especially Facebook) fails to do?