eSIM PIN recommendation?

Is there any security advantage to me adding a PIN for eSIMs? Being that it’s not a physical SIM, it seems unlikely that it would prevent physical SIM swapping as it shouldn’t be possible anyway, and it would do nothing against social engineering SIM swaps.
My threat model isn’t extremely high for security so idk that I’d have to worry about someone desoldering the eSIM but at the same time a SIM PIN is barely even minor inconvenience at most. What do y’all think?

The purpose of a PIN on a SIM card is to protect the physical SIM. If you get a new physical SIM from your carrier it’s gonna come with a different PIN. This means that a PIN does nothing to prevent a SIM swapping attack.

Now having a PIN on a physical SIM makes sense. So in case your phone is lost or stolen, someone won’t be able to simply take out your SIM and use it on another device. A PIN on an eSIM though I really don’t see the point on that unless your phone itself is not secured with a PIN. Which I really doubt is the case for you.

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Yeah, that’s kinda what I meant by “physical SIM-swapping”, as in someone steals my SIM physically as opposed to socially engineering the carrier. Anyway, thanks :+1:

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