Ente e2ee cloud storage for pictures

Why is it nobody ever talks about Ente? https://ente.io
I always see it popping up in NeoStore when looking for the latest FOSS apps, and it sounds really cool. Anyone ever actually use it before? Is it any good? Is it actually properly e2ee like it claims?

We can’t know for certain, but they do say it is in their privacy policy, which is legal document which I doubt they’d lie on.

As the apps are open source, you are able (with the right knowledge) to check the code and if everything is being encrypted.

If you search on Reddid, you can find a post from a lawyer(?) who picked their TOS and PP and was not so happy about it. The gist of it was that it’s really amateurish “legal” document.
(I’ll try to find the link in the evening.)

It seems that they at least have had some significant issues but not sure about their current state.

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Yop - that’s the post I had in mind. Thank you! :slight_smile: