Ente Authenticator Launched, Your Thoughts?

I know there are amazing authenticator apps like Aegis & 2FAS but both lack in Desktop Version.
Aegis dont have the desktop support and 2fas web extention is not that good for daily use.

Previusly Ente had launched its authenticator app which is cloud based with e2ee.
today they launched the web version enteauth i tried adding few secrets and i like how it worked but i am not sure if it is secure enough or not ?

if anyone used this what are your thoughts on this ? what do you think about this new player ?

Is there a reason why you need a desktop version?

I mean, I understand for password managers, since manually typing a long randomly generated password can get tedious really quick. But TOTPs are like 6 digits usually, so you can just get the code from your phone and type it manually in a second.

It might be a better idea to reduce attack surface and only use one app on your phone (make frequent backups ofc). I’d say just use Aegis, it’s FOSS, secure, and supports encrypted backups, you can trigger backups manually or automatically, to a directory of your choosing.