Ente Auth supports to use the app accountless on iOS

Hi community. With the latest update on iOS, Ente Auth adds the “Option to use the app completely offline, without an account (and backups)”

After Raivo’s removal, I have been looking for a new 2fa app. Cross-platform and E2EE.


Hey @Tech-Trooper, thank you for posting!

If anyone has any questions or feedback on ente Auth, feel free to share them here, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


Hello @vishnukvmd :wave:

When I want to use your app without backups (accountless). The app tells me that “Sorry, biometric authentication isn’t avaliable on your device”. Well yes, I don’t have biometrics on my phone nor I want to use them. It seems like it is the only way to use the app locally.

Is there any plans to let people choose a password for the app locally?


Hey, we currently store your secrets after encrypting them with a randomly generated key, which is then stored in the device’s secure-storage – accessing which requires biometrics.

What we could do is derive this key from a passphrase each time on app-start and drop the dependency on secure-storage.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve added this to our roadmap: Option to use the app withou secure-storage / biometrics · Issue #262 · ente-io/auth · GitHub