Encrypting an individual file

Hey everyone, I have a really sensitive PDF file and I want to encrypt it before I store it on an external HDD + cloud storage as a backup.

What do I use to encrypt this individual file? My plan was 7-zip with a strong randomly generated password. I can’t have this file ending up in the wrong hands.

Edit: I’ll also change the file name to something completely irrelevant. Maybe like “desktop wallpaper” or something.

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7Zip uses AES256, if you use a strong password it should be fine.

Also you can check https://cryptomator.org/

this post might have some useful information.

7-zip should be fine, so long as you remember to enable encryption, and use a strong password.

If you’re changing the file name, don’t forget to change its extension, too. Make it fit in with other files, like .txt (Documents folder), or .svg (for Pictures folder).

You can also use Veracrypt and since the final archive have no extension you can name it like a game and use the extension.iso or dmg or exe if you think will call less attention.

I use PicoCrypt for encrypting single files and folders. Ectremely small, fast and reliable peace of software (IMHO).
Also I used to chat with the creator of the program - he is a very nice and clever guy.
Try it out :slight_smile: .

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PicoCrypt looks promising. No need to be admin, small file size, cross (desktop) platform, and a portable Windows version. If it works well from a USB drive, I can see it taking a place on my Ventoy drive. Cheers for the suggestion.

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Hi, Blurb5778.
Happy you find it useful :grinning:.
Pico indeed works from a flash drive. Actually, Pico works from everywhere)). I used Veracrypt for encrypting everything, but now I have a small friend called Pico for individual files (pdf, txt, doc) and folders. Vera still rules on the full disc encryption or full partitions/ usb flash encryption. However, encrypting separate files is much more convenient with Picocrypt.

By the way, there should be a professional security audit of Picocrypt soon. It was mentioned on it’s reddit thread.

Have a great day.