Email Compartmentalization Strategies

Would anyone like to share their email compartmentalization strategies? What kinds of email accounts do you have and for what purposes. Here’s mine:

  1. Protonmail - personal email for friends, family, communicating with actual people
  2. Tutanota - sensitive email for banking, insurance, medical institutions
  3. Gmail - professional email to use on job applications
  4. ZohoMail - email for online accounts that I actually somewhat care about (ex. Amazon)
  5. Outlook - for spam, places I don’t want my email address

Any tips on reducing the number of inboxes I have? Maybe I could apply SimpleLogin to my Outlook and/or ZohoMail accounts. I try to use privacy respecting email services for my most important emails. I chose Gmail for job applications because it is the most professional one.

Feel free to share how you compartmentalize your email inboxes.

ProtonMail + SimpleLogin + Custom domain


The setup looks good. I use Skiff too, just for their encrypted documents feature. In addition, I agree with using SimpleLogin wherever you want. I avoid using SimpleLogin email addresses for important places like banks and insurance. But rather I use aliases for institutions who I don’t want with my real email. Thank you for sharing

Tutanota + Anonaddy + Custom Domain.


I personally would suggest to ether put everything behind an alias (like simplelogin, Anonaddy, …) or auto forward all emails to just 1 mail and auto sort it based on which email forwarded it, checking 5 email accounts if just painful especially because not all of them support imap.

I use Protonmail with a custom domain for important stuff like my bank and government services. This is mostly for stuff that I may need to fill out an email on an actual paper form or give my email to someone over the phone.

When I register to pretty much any other website I make sure to use SimpleLogin. This is to ensure data brokers cannot easily link my data together by using my email as a unique identifier. Note that this is not foolproof as there are many data point that can be used for data linkage purposes like you phone number. Which is much harder to use a unique one for every single account you register for. But using a unique email everywhere you can is always better than nothing.

Another benefit of using a unique email address everywhere is that in case there is a data leak your real email address is still safe. And if you start one day receiving spam on a particular alias then you know exactly which website suffered a data breach or straight up sold your data.

Apart from my main Protonmail account on which I use my custom domain I also have a few other free accounts to which I direct different stuff from SimpleLogin. This way my main mailbox is not cluttered with promotional emails and other spam from e-commerce sites I happened to have ordered in the past. Of course I could just pause the offending SimpleLogin aliases, which sometimes I do, but often I might receive a useful promotional email so generally I like having a dedicated Protonmail account where all that stuff goes.

When I register to a website where I’d like to maintain my anonymity I always make sure to not use an email if that is possible. But if I’m forced to use an email then I just create a new Protonmail account. That is for long term accounts like this forum. For throwaway accounts I just use a disposable email service.

Tutanota with a custom domain + anonaddy