Email client app recomendations?

I figured I’d give this persistent knowledge a try.

I am thinking of using Thunderbird as my email client. And I guess I have two main questions:

  • Are there any better solutions?
  • Are there any privacy concerns with thunderbird?
  • (Extra) Any plug-in recomendations?
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Thunderbird itself is objectively a really solid and easy to use email client with PGP support out of the box (older versions required Enigmail add-on). It has some features that a few people dislike (such as automatic updates or opt-out telemetry) but I honestly don’t know any better open source email client than Thunderbird. I do not use any plug-ins myself , so I can not really speak about them.

If you are looking for something more minimalistic, consider giving mutt/neomutt a try. But keep in mind that it will not be so easy to use.


Thanks! Probably going to give thunderbird a try. I hope to at least see a simple log in pluing. I wan’t something intuitive and easy to use and recomend so it seems mutt isnt for me.

If you already have or are willing to set up Android containers (ReDroid), FairEmail and K-9 Mail are great email clients. I’ve used Thunderbird but honestly would prefer FairEmail even on desktop.

I will look into that. Are FairEmail and K-9 compatible with protonmail?

They are both compatible because they’re just front-end clients to use with any email provider.

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They are not. There is ElectronMail if you don’t want to pay for the bridge. However, if you pay for it, they would be compatible.

Regarding your question about email clients, I’d say give Geary a try if you don’t want/need the extra features Thunderbird provides.

Edit: Since K-9 mail is Android only, it is not compatible at all if I am not mistaken. There is no option for you to download the bridge on Android. You would need to use the official app. I don’t know whether FairEmail is android only or not but if it is, it also is not compatible with Protonmail.

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Most people with Proton use it for the email service and the people with Proton plans are paying for a compatible bridge plan. There is also hydroxide for server usage. I don’t know how it works but looks promising. As far as I am aware, Proton requires to pay for the bridge to use it with other clients. That said, you can forward your Proton to another email that is free to use with any client such as Blue Mail, K9, Thunderbird, etc. That would add another layer though and it’s not recommended. I think Proton is a cheap service anyway. Paying shouldn’t be an issue. Cloud based IMAP isn’t supported and the client list supported even though paying is short, but definitely worth it. I don’t really like the design of their web mail solution.

You can use any email client with Proton Mail Bridge or hydroxide as mentioned previously. Both will probably require a decent amount of fiddling to function with an Android container. If that is unacceptable to you, you are probably better off with Proton Mail Bridge and a desktop-native email client like Thunderbird.

Even without using the bridge itself, you can still just use your private browser or Tor to access their web UI. They provide instructions on using a bridge for Thunderbord that is pretty straightforward.

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You are good to go with Thunderbird but also consider taking a look at Betterbird, it’s a Thunderbird fork which is into more privacy and has fixed a lot of open security vulnerabilities Thunderbird has.


Does anybody know if the “Master Password” option that makes you enter a password everytime you open Thunderbird actually encrypts the data?