Email aliases and email etiquette / signatures

I love using email aliasing services, as they allow me to communicate via email without revealing my full name and/or identity that can be immediately linked to my other activities elsewhere.

However, I struggle to figure out how to follow email etiquette with the “anonymous” aliases, as I feel like emails in general are expected to be finished off with a signature. Signing the emails with my real name would obviously defeat the whole purpose, but leaving the signature totally out feels weird as well.

As I assume there to be many others here who enjoy using email aliasing this way, I would like to know what kind of practices have you adapted with your email signatures?


I hope this letter reaches you well in a timely manner. In the future, a scenario may come up where I need to use a formal writing style to request help with a product or a service.
Building a profile for my aliases has been on my mind. Using a delivery address for long term use in my opinion is one reason to have an alias attached to that address. The name on deliveries would be the alias. Any correspondents would use that name with of course utilizing anonymous email.
In a less formal scenario for example I would use a User Name as I addressed you, Concour. You may see I used a common Last Name with a unique character to create a reasonable association. P3rkins, Perk:ns, and Perk[ns would be acceptable as Perkins so I would lead you to respond and not question or ask me again, that my name is Perkins.
Using this Perkins alias as well heps me to understand my mind set at the time of this writing. In the future I plan to create a new user name here, with a new anony email. There is a good chance my future post will be associated with my past.
I hope this gives you a few ideas.

Best of Luck