EFF: Montana’s New Genetic Privacy Law Caps Off Ten Years of Innovative State Privacy Protections

Good news for Montana residents.

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Nice for Montana, though it’s rather sad that we have to rely on state level governments to enact privacy laws rather than the federal government.

Can’t agree more.

Everything that has to do with public information is obsolete. The US government does not need it to conduct business as usual. The genetic record keeping is connected to public data and various other data points.
My concern is that even if you do not have an account, a profile, etc. One will be created for you.
You have not claimed your X “twitter” account but one was created for you. You siblings DNA is close enough to know enough to be be marketable.

This is going to have to stop at a US constitutional level, at the same time the government is going to have to buy it all before they make it illegal.

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