Ebay Privacy and Security question

I have noticed that every time I open the Ebay site it asks me to sign in but already has my screen name ready. Obviously this means that there’s some kind of tracking going on from Ebay.
I’m running hardened firefox with uBlock Origin. I have “Remember this device” and “Keep me signed in” both un-checked. I have also gone to “Sign in preferences” in settings on Ebay and turned off everything that looked even vaguely related to remembering me, but still, every time I go to Ebay, there’s my name at the top of the screen.
Usually it’s something simple, and stupidly obvious that I’m missing, but what is it?

Clear your browser history cache cookies etc, then go back to the site. Your browser may be storing your user name.

But that should all happen automatically with hardened Firefox, right?

Go into settings and see if you’ve checked the box that clears out cookies after every session on Firefox. Only that will make it happen automatically.

Give me a chance and I will test this on Brave, what I use to log on to ebay.

I just logged in and out, back in and the user name was not saved. I will try again to remember my user name log out, confirm it saved and then remove the remember username, log out and back in to confirm it does not remember.

I cant even get ebay website to save my username.

Is it being autofilled by a password manager?

No sir. I don’t use a password manager.
(don’t scream anyone…)

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Sounds like something in your about:config has got a bit messed up. Firefox updates (when settings get changed/deprecated) can mess with about:config, creating conflicts. This is why I often recommend Librewolf, for Hardened Firefox users, as it’s all managed for you.

What I’d encourage you to do, is go through all the about:config tweaks you’ve made. Specifically do searches for stuff like “privatebrowsing”, “sessionstore”, “cookie”, “clearOnShutdown”, and “privacy.cpd”. If that’s too much, you could always create another Profile with Arkenfox (hope things don’t break, again), or just move to Librewolf.