EA accounts banned for using SimpleLogin (mine included :( )

Hi everyone! So about a month ago I changed the email of my EA account from Gmail to SimpleLogin and all went fine. But, 2 days ago, I received an email telling that my account was banned without any reason. So I did the dispute for the ban and send an email questioning the logic of it, and today I received an email that my banned was reviewed an the sanction it will remain as it is.

I don’t know if anyone in this forum have an EA account with SimpleLogin and occurred the same problem but I found a Reddit post that talk about this issue, and people seems to have the same conditions as me (never cheating, never buying with external keys or things of that nature).


Does it prevent you from accessing games you paid for? That’s scary!

Yes, the only place you can access is the EA support website, to appeal the ban. And as a update I tried to appeal twice the ban, and the two times I got that my ban was legit and on the second time they closed the manner, so I can’t dispute it anymore :melting_face:

I’d let SL team know about this too. They care and it’s in their direct interest to ensure services don’t shut down accounts using SL aliases. They may also have more say in the matter than you. (regarding shifting a company’s stances on dealing with it)


Thanks Henry! :smile:
I know services like this can be troublesome for companies, but from that to banning people without giving a reason it’s so extremist from their part.
Hope that SimpleLogin can do anything about this, not just for the people already banned, but in the future if more people want to use a service like this.

I use AnnonAddy and just use my domain. I figure it would be harder from them to know its a alias.


This is such an insane practice to me, and yet it seems to be the norm now. I don’t think pirating is a decent solution but it is becoming more and more difficult to warrant spending £60+ for something which can be revoked at a whim from the seller. Once you purchase something it should be yours, if it isn’t, then these platforms should be required to use something like rent instead of purchase on their add-to-cart buttons.

As for EA in particular, I do have SL associated with two accounts and have not received an email from them (yet). If people are indeed being banned for using SL, then I will not be purchasing another EA product.

A bit off topic, but are there even publishers or platforms in this industry which do not partake in awful practices? Tencent (and their subsidiaries e.g. Riot), Activision Blizzard, and EA all seem to have become significantly worse for the consumer over the past decade.

Steam’s recent investment in Linux means I’m less critical of them, but I’m sure there’s some dirt there too.

Amazon is also particularly hostile towards cloaking services. A family member of mine tried signing up with Anonaddy and was immediately asked for bank statements of a transaction. They hadn’t actually made any purchases with Amazon at that point.

The Amazon support system is also terrible when your account gets locked down, you can only upload a document, (not chat with any customer support reps) or anything like that.

Ebay is also another company which is pretty bad like this. I think they lock down accounts for simply having privacy.resistFingerprinting enabled. I have had an account for over a decade. Never used Ebay through Tor or a VPN or anything like that, doesn’t even use a cloaking service either. I have a separate browser profile I use for “direct” access to the internet. When I next logged in I was then presented with a lockdown notice.

I have a friend the previous week that complained Ebay locked down his account because he moved from one country to another, and that getting it unlocked via support was a bs-time wasting effort.

Google is also hostile to any kind of SMS services. I created an account there, and found it was locked down, long story short they want to send an SMS to a number I no longer have access to, even though I have the correct username, password, TOTP token. Their “appeal” requests go unanswered and I have submitted a few. The Google account in question was using my email, so I can’t even sign up another one.

Really not proud of the gaming industry at the moment. Between locking everything down with DRM and a never-ending arms race to have the most instrusive anti-cheats, it seems as if it’s all kind of headed in a dark direciton.
Valve has a pretty good rep with respecting the privacy of its users and their work on Linux is great, but remember that they’re only really acting out of their own interests and only really started work on Linux once Microsoft threatened them off Windows.

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Sorry to hear it. I suspect this happened to me with a different site.

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It is indeed rather depressing…

Selling user data seems to be too profitable for the others to pass on. Consumer backlash has been minimal and dissipates fast. Valve’s participation in this seems inevitable.

As for their work on Linux I’ll appreciate it despite their self-interest. No one else seem to even consider Linux as a platform. Because of Valve I now have a Linux handheld and I can run a lot more titles on the desktop on release.

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Ironically it hurts players more than of hurts the pirates.
Resident evil 8 was an example with the Denuvo with cut scenes stuttering for people who bought the game.

If you want to get deep into the situation, MVG made a few good videos on DRM and some requiring Ring 0 access to the kernal.

DRM really fucked over Gran Truismo and became a “Live Service” with single player content locked behind Online only measures. Sad considering this is my favorite series.

Even Xbox relying on DRM for Xbox console activation and backwards compatibility

Nintendo carts are now being DRM protected for emulation, which makes me wonder who’s buying a PC for third party games on emulation and no reward when compared to the settings on PC and advantages there :rofl:

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The only sector of gaming privacy focused (besides of piracy) is Retro, unfortunately nowadays for everything you have to create an account and give some of your data.
For me the scariest part is the direction towards streaming services, when you don’t even have the comfort of buying a digital license. Hope that physical media doesn’t die soon, but it’s been seen less and less over the past years (specially on indie titles who can’t afford all the distribution aspect of it).

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I don’t know what a plausible solution to this could look like. Ownership seems to be a thing of the past that will never return.

I will continue to purchase titles I can own, but when that is not possible I will turn to pirating - which despite streaming and various drm implementation still seems possible. If we reach a point where neither is an option then I will find different hobbies.

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Yeah, same here. Maybe the thing I will miss the most moving to that direction is playing with friends. But in this case I don’t know if there’s a way to “take the cake and eat it too”. Or you are stuck to single-player campaigns or applied and play multiplayer titles.

It sucks these days, mostly just launchers to avoid paying other services or control an entire ecosystem of licencing.

The streaming aspect scares me mostly considering that most games may never end up on streaming platforms for licensing issues or dont feel as if they are worth preserving.
Xbox had this issue where Backwards Comparability was stopped due to this reason.

Nintendo are infamous for this stating they consider emulation illegal and hurtful regardless.

Yet the solutions they provide aren’t good enough and do next to nothing for access to older games and services.

Not to mention the controversy that Mario 3D allstars brought

This didn’t sit well either of course


Yet are hypothetical, since they did the same thing back in the 70s with Donkey Kong.

Remember Sony tried to shut down the PS3 and PSV stores with no solution? That was met wide backlash to where it was reversed.

Just adding funds getting more difficult, like Nintendo and the Wii, Wii U and 3DS.

Just gonna be more difficult to get games on those platforms now, not to mention the problems with obtaining and maintaining hardware, and the infamous CMOS issue for the PS3 that to this day is ignored by Sony, but was secretly fixed for the PS4 and PS5 in updates, which can render your digital purchases to nothing.

79% Of PS5, PS4 Games Sold In Sony’s Latest Quarter Were Purchased Digitally

We can wish, but because of convince of will always triumph until its to late.

The future is bleak man, some days its hard to remain optimistic. But that’s what Indies and Emulation are for.

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Buy from GOG Games. A surprising number of well known titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher 3, Frostpunk etc are available there. Almost all games available of GOG Games are DRM free. Also, support Indie games and developers. They are more likely to have better practices than large companies who are too big to lose. There is a 30 day return policy on GOG Games.
(Cult of The Lamb is also available on GOG Games, store is not the best at showcasing games, so do search up the game you want there before you buy elsewhere)


Due to such reasons I only download my games from GOG. They literally give you a setup file, so even if you get banned, you have all the games you bought. Pretty convenient compared to EA bullshit.

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Wow this is a very active thread and yeah that’s pretty insane of EA to do. I do have to wonder how they figured out it was a SL email maybe the domain. Maybe this could be avoided by using a custom domain; of course this shouldn’t be necessary just like how every site shouldn’t by default ban TOR users but that’s getting off topic.

Any updates?

Which ending did it have? (@aleeas.com / @simplelogin.com …)