/e/OS compared to GOS?

Basically the only private mobile OS that I see recommended is GrapheneOS. CalyxOS gets a little bit of attention as well, but still not as much as GOS. But I was watching The Linux Experiment the other day and he mentioned /e/OS, which I decided to link into. It looks like a really, really good option for privacy and security. What do you guys think? https://e.foundation/

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It’s just reskinned lineage os with a bit of an ecosystem from what I understand

Not good for security. Infact, it’s quite the opposite (a quick look on the source code and reveals that it doesn’t use secure clang compile flags). Doesn’t have Verified Boot either for multiple devices. Using GrapheneOS is better for security. If you do not have a compatible device using DivestOS is better.

I made this comparision purely in terms of security and not privacy , although GrapheneOS is better in terms of security and privacy than anything avaliable on the market

Okay after some “research” I will just copy and paste some of the stuff someone made against /e/.

last updated: 2022/07/29

Nice Aspects

  • Publishes sources and largely develops in open
  • Largely credits the projects they fork
  • Friendly and active forum
  • Wide device support
  • Reasonable pricing for cloud service
  • Reasonable markup for device sales
  • Maybe the most successful company trying to sell an aftermarket mobile OS to the general public

Web Browser & System WebView

Advanced Privacy

PDF Viewer



Device Sales

Weather (deprecated)

Not Covered (nuanced or needs research/sources)

I see. Well, thanks for the research and response!