Dynamic DNS providers that care about privacy?

If you want to self-host your own server as a beginner you’ll sooner or later come across the term ‘Dynamic DNS’. It’s basically a custom domain service which is connected to your home-IP address and updates together with it. It’s necessary so that a server can be reached remotely.

The most well-known providers offer DynamicDNS hosting for free (like No-IP and Dynu). However, Their privacy policies are not great.

Many people online say privacy related issues with DynDNS providers aren’t that big of a deal since they can’t access what is on a server when the connection is encrypted via SSL. I’m still worried though. Doesn’t the provider have access to my home ip-address the whole time?

Therefore I was wondering if there are any privacy-respecting alternatives to the mainstream competitors that feature good security practices. Help would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

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Hi I was looking into this kind of thing for self-hosting a Nextcloud instance in my RaspberryPi and came across duckdns. Apparently NextcloudPi natively integrates with duckdns and a few others from what I can remember, check their docs, so I assume duckdns are more privacy friendly and they are FOSS. Maybe also have a look at alternativeto.net for duckdns.
Hope this helps

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+1 for DuckDNS (free) and Control D’s “D³NS” feature (paid service but has a free trial).