Dumbphones with signal

Hi im looking to minimize my digital foot print by using a feature phone instead, the one im likely to land on is the Punkt MP02 due to it being able to access signal. However one look at the sub reddit makes the company seem like a dumpster fire. Random outages, lost messages, source code being on github but no pull requests are accepted, etc. Is the Punkt a viable device with some work arounds for signal? Does it nuke my main account, am i able to still use the desktop client? Or am u better off getting another dumb phone that im able to trust with no spyware and install the signal apk. Plz help

As I have time I am working on project using an old smart phone and making it as much as a dumb phone, as possible. The phone Samsung S8+, I am using has a broken screen so I am using Scrcpy and Scrcpy + (plus) which has some nice ADB features. For internet access I am using gnirehtet.

The installed apps are NetGuard, TOR Browser, Orbot, Signal, stock Android and Samsung Bloat.

In the future I plan to use NetGuard and PersonalDNS with work profiles. Following this article How to: Netguard, personalDNSFilter and any VPN app at the same time.

I have a old pixel which has a bad battery. Duplicating what I will learn with this project and running GrapheneOS would be a better and easier option. I know that if I started with this easier option I wouldnt learn as much.

Its a self control thing, and i just want going on the internet needs to be more deliberate, price doesnt really matter for me, I just dont have a clear concise list of things pigeon can and cant do

The Punkt is just a better designed device the sonim xp5s also interests me but is too big imo

What about using GrapheneOS with a minimal set of apps and Unlauncher like Side Of Burritos did in this video, A minimalist dumb phone you should actually use - YouTube?

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My set up is similar but my phone is my primary computer so I constantly have to clean house.

Pixel 6 pro
CalyxsOS (works for me)
Descreet Launcher (I like Icons and folders)
Arcticons Dark, simplified icons.

This is mostly security theater. There’s no reason to have much of a digital footprint if you use the right smartphone. A much better idea would be to grab a used Google Pixel 5 or 6a, and then de-google it by installing calyx or preferably graphene OS. Then just install signal. There’s nothing forcing you to install Google Play Services or even a web browser on it if you don’t want to. There’s nothing inherently more secure about a feature phone.

i was facing a smilar dilema ass of late.
what i ended is using a dumbphone for phone call and
keep my “SmartPhone” only with limited use of apps. signal included.
whenever its not in use its rest quietly inside its faraday beg