Dumb phone suggestions required

Hello! I am thinking about switching to a dumb phone for calls. I want to separate my data Sim card and calling sim card. I have an old Nokia Asha 311, which has symbian s40 OS. I have debloated it by myself. It is a 3G phone. I am not sure if its good idea to switch to this one as a dumb phone, if yes, then I would consider buying new battery for it. I am from India. I ask for suggestions to the folks here.

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I’ve been considering doing the same - using one phone normally, and the second as a privacy phone.
Here is a link to that thread.


Thanks for reply and link for your post. But for me, there’s no requirements of signal on same phone, I just want calls and receiving SMS (not sending, but only receiving like otps and all), that’s it. Symbian OS actually shutdown long ago. This old Nokia asha phone has Nokia accounts and all, but it only connects to old Nokia links(which are expired already when Nokia quit smartphone market, so it just shows error) rater than new HMD Nokia links, So I think it doesn’t communicate with anything else. It had tons of bloatware but I debloated it by accessing to system partitions. So it just only have basic stuffs. It always asks before connecting to internet so that’s a plus point too. And by using old phone, I would probably contribute to reduce e-waste! But these are only my thoughts. I don’t know about technical aspects especially regarding security & privacy. So the question is, is it good idea to switch to it?

A dumb feature phone works well in areas where you can create anonymity. Privacy and security are lacking.

Phone calls and SMS to me are only used with trusted contacts, my bank, my family, my attorney. When these people need to communicate with me with any alternative way they would need a dumb phone to contact me. We both would need anonymous comms.

Outside of trusted contacts you need privacy and more so security.

A dumb phone to me is a true cheap phone I can literally burn. I dont have one at this time and pray i never need one.

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